Visit of G5 Sahel’s Permanent Secretary to the NEPAD Agency Regional Office in Dakar

The Permanent Secretary of G5 Sahel, Mr. Maman Sambo Sidikou, paid a courtesy call on the Head of the NEPAD Agency Regional Office in Dakar, Dr Jeremy Tinga Ouedraogo on 15 May, 2018.
“G5 Sahel emanates from the African Union and is part of the security and development architecture leading to the effective fulfillment of Agenda 2063. Our goal is the well-being of the people of the Sahel, in its most fragile areas. NEPAD Agency is the partner of choice for G5 Sahel”, said Mr. Sidikou at the end of the visit.

Mr. Maman Sambo Sidikou, G5 Sahel Permanent Secretary, and Dr. Jeremy Tinga Ouedraogo, Head of the NEPAD Agency Regional Office in Dakar.

Mr Sidikou particularly commended the Chief Executive Officer of NEPAD, Dr Mayaki, and thanked him for offering to technically support the process of developing the G5 Sahel Action Plan in its economic and social development component. He stressed the importance of this support so that through the NEPAD Agency, the African Union is effectively involved in the ongoing process. He also extended his thanks to Dr Jeremy Ouedraogo and his team in Dakar.

Technical teams are working together on the socio-economic development action
G5 Sahel was created on February 16, 2014 in Nouakchott, in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and has its headquarters in Mauritania. It brings together five Sahelian countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad. It contributes to the implementation of security and development actions in the Member States through strengthening peace and security in the G 5 Sahel area; development of transport, hydraulic, energy and telecommunications infrastructures; creating conditions for better governance in member countries; building resilience of people by ensuring sustainable food security, human development and pastoralism.