Why There Is No Oxygen Plant In Delhi?

To begin, Delhi does not have its own oxygen production facility; as a result, the city must purchase it from neighboring states. Second, it was only able to maneuver 17 tankers, each of which was around 20 metric tons, from the refillers that were functioning within its jurisdiction.

Why is there a shortage of oxygen in Delhi?

Because Delhi is a city state, it does not have any companies that create oxygen; similarly, a number of other states do not have any factories of this kind.As a result, the central government had allotted oxygen to a number of states according to their anticipated demand from oxygen-producing states and factories in those states.After that, each state began to gather the oxygen that was produced by the plants that had been allotted to it.

Why are there no oxygen generation plants in Delhi’s hospitals?

With the exception of AIIMS, not a single other hospital in the city possesses an oxygen producing facility.Officials in the government of Delhi have pointed the finger at the Union Health Ministry for failing to ensure that Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Oxygen Generation plants that were promised were installed on time.The officials in the Delhi government blamed the Union Health Ministry for the failure.

Where are Delhi hospitals getting their own PSA oxygen generation plants?

With the help of the PM CARES money, eight hospitals in Delhi, one of which being the government-run Safdarjung Hospital, were intended to have their very own PSA oxygen generating units. Only one of them, which went up three weeks ago, is currently operating.

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What caused the oxygen crisis in Delhi during the second wave?

However, when an oxygen shortage occurred during the second wave of COVID-19, the government of Delhi had already designated some hospitals to receive supply. The allocation of oxygen was supposed to be improved, but instead it was done so poorly that it ended up contributing to the oxygen crisis in Delhi. It was intended to make the distribution of oxygen more even.

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