Which Part Of The Plant Makes Seeds?

The ovary of a flower is the location where seeds are formed once the flower has been pollinated, fertilized, and matured.

What is a seed?

  • The majority of living things that come from plants start out as seeds.
  • What exactly is the seed?
  • In scientific terms, it is referred to be a mature ovule, but in reality, it is so much more than that.
  1. The embryo of the new plant is contained within the seed, which also serves to nurture and protect it.
  2. This objective may be accomplished by any sort of seed, but other from propagating new plants, what else can seeds do for us?
  3. Food may be derived by using seeds.

How are seeds formed in a flower?

  • Pollination is the process by which the male gametes that are found in pollen come into touch with the female gametes that are found in ovules.
  • This results in the formation of seeds.
  • The transport of pollen from the anther of one flower to the stigma of another bloom is essential for the reproduction of many plant species and this process is dependent on pollinator animals such as bees and butterflies.

What is the difference between seeds and plants?

Each one looks distinctively different, and the portion of the plant that we consume most frequently is the seed. The seeds of peas, beans, and other legumes can be found inside the pods of the mature plants. Another type of seed that is consumed by humans is that of the peanut. A seed, similar to that of a peach, may be found inside of the husk of the enormous coconut.

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Where are seeds found in a tree?

  • Coniferous plants, like pine trees, have scales within their cones that protect the seeds of the plant.
  • The samaras, which seem like little helicopters, actually contain the maple tree’s seeds.
  • The seed of a sunflower may be found inside of the plant’s enormous blossom, which most of us are familiar with because sunflower seeds are a common ingredient in a variety of tasty snacks.
  1. A peach’s huge stone, also known as the endocarp, conceals a seed within its endocarp.

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