Which Of The Following Plant Has Obligate Association With Mycorrhiza?

Mycorrhizae are required to be present in order for Pinus to maintain its obligatory relationship with them. Fungi and the roots of higher plants often work together to form this symbiotic relationship.

Is the mycorrhizal association obligate in some plants?

In certain plant species, the mycorrhizal connection is required for survival. In the absence of mycorrhizal fungi, for instance, Pinus seeds are unable to germinate and become established. Did you find that answer helpful?

What is a mycorrhiza?

The mutually beneficial relationship that exists between a fungal pathogen and a green plant is known as a mycorrhiza.Through its chlorophyll, the plant is able to collect the solar energy that is there and then transfer it to the fungus.In exchange, the fungus provides the plant with the water and mineral nutrients that it has extracted from the surrounding soil.Mycorrhizas are tucked away deep within the plant’s root system.

How do Mycorrhizal Fungi communicate with each other?

Mycorrhizal fungi provide a means for plants to communicate with one another and exchange nutrients. A symbiotic association between mycorrhizal fungi and the roots of almost every plant species is established. Both the plants themselves and the sections of the roots that play home to the fungus are referred to as being mycorrhizal when they are involved in such a connection.

What happens if there is no mycorrhizal fungi?

Without mycorrhiza, plants run the risk of being outcompeted, which might result in a shift in the predominant plant species found in the region.In addition, research has shown that plants that have mycorrhizal connections have a greater resistance to some illnesses that are transmitted through the soil.In point of fact, mycorrhizal fungi have the potential to be an efficient means of disease prevention and treatment.

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