Which Of The Following Is Dominant Trait In Pea Plant?

Mendel conducted his research on pea plants and focused on seven different contrasting pairs of characteristics. The color of the yellow seeds is the dominant characteristic, whereas the color of the green seeds is the recessive trait. The dominant characteristic is the one that is manifested in heterozygotes.

Therefore, the response that is right is ″green pod.″

What is the dominant type of Pea?

Pea plants produce yellow peas, which are dominant over green peas. Pea plants also produce round peas, which are dominant over wrinkled peas (r). Imagine you execute a dihybrid cross between two different pea plants in order to create a new variety.

Are pea pods dominant or recessive texturally?

According to Mendel’s research, peas with a smooth texture are predominate, whereas pods with wrinkles represent a recessive trait. There is a dominant form of a yellow seed albumen, and a recessive form of a green seed albumen.

What traits did Mendel study in pea plants?

Mendel investigated a total of seven characteristics of pea plants in his research.The geneticist examined not only the color of the seedpods, the flowers, and the location of the flowers, but also the texture of the seeds, the seed albumen, the length of the plant stem, and the shape of the pea pods when they were ripe.According to Mendel’s research, peas with a smooth texture are predominate, whereas pods with wrinkles represent a recessive trait.

Are yellow seedpods dominant on pea plants?

Pea plants can produce seedpods that are either yellow or green in color. The genetic predisposition to produce yellow seedpods is recessive. The genetic predominance goes to the seedpods that are green. Mendel made the discovery that the progeny of plants with green seedpods and yellow seedpods that were mated together did not have any yellow seedpods.

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What are the dominant traits in pea plants?


Trait Dominant Expression Recessive Expression
Color of seed albumen (Y) Yellow Green
Color of flower (P) Purple White
Form of ripe pods (I) Inflated Constricted
Color of unripe pods (G) Green Yellow

Which of the following is dominant traits?

Because only one copy of the gene is required to manifest the feature, the Rh factor is considered a dominant characteristic.

Which of the following is a dominant trait in Mendel’s pea plants?

Therefore, the response that is right is ″green pod.″

Which of the following is not a dominant trait in pea?

Therefore, the answer that you are looking for is ″Pod color – Yellow.″

What are the dominant and recessive characters of pea plant?

The color green is more dominant than yellow, which is a recessive hue. The form of the pod may be described as having two distinct aspects: an expanded and a contracted appearance. Characteristics of inflated pods are more common.

How many dominant traits are present in pea plant from the given list?

A flower at the plant’s axis, a pod that’s yellow, the flower’s position on the plant, the form of the pod, a terminal flower, wrinkled seeds, a tall plant, and white flowers.

Which of the following trait is dominant in Pisum sativum 1 white flowers 2 green seeds 3 inflated pods 4 yellow pods?

As a result, Inflated Pods is the option that should be chosen.

What is the dominant trait with respect to height in pea plant give any two examples?

According to height, a trait that has the capacity to manifest itself is considered to be a dominant characteristic. The drawfness of one’s body is more important than their height. coloration of the seed, with yellow being the most dominating and green being the most resistant.

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What is dominant trait Class 10?

The dominant characteristic is the one that manifests itself or is obviously exhibited in the organism before any other traits.For instance, male pattern baldness, the predominance of curly hair over straight hair, etc.The dominant allele is denoted by the use of capital letters, such as A as opposed to a.One allele is passed down from each parent, hence the possible combinations are AA, aa, and aa.

Why yellow pea is dominant?

Dual Copies, Dual Versions And that the genes can be found in a variety of various forms. Therefore, each of the children inherited a y from both the yellow plant and the green plant from their parents. Every one of them was a Yy. Due to the fact that they were all yellow, this indicates that yellow is more prevalent than green.

Which of the peas traits yellow or green is dominant?

When a plant with heterozygous yellow seeds is crossed with a plant with green seeds, what percentage of plants will have yellow seeds and what percentage will have green seeds in the F1 generation?

Is green pea dominant or recessive?

Experiments conducted by Mendel demonstrated that green is the recessive color for seed in pea plants.

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