Which Of The Following Is Amphibian Of Plant Kingdom?

Because these plants require both water and soil for their continued existence, they are sometimes referred to as the ″amphibians″ of the plant kingdom.

What are called as amphibians of the plant kingdom?

The members of the plant kingdom that are referred to as amphibians are termed. Amphibians are creatures that are able to survive in both land and aquatic environments. Even though they grow in the soil, bryophytes are sometimes referred to as the frogs of the plant kingdom. This is due to the fact that these plants require water in order to engage in sexual reproduction.

Why are bryophytes called the amphibians of the plant world?

Despite the fact that they grow on land, bryophytes are sometimes referred to as the frogs of the plant world owing to their dependency on water for fertilization and their predilection for wet environments to grow in. Did you find that answer helpful?

What is unique about bryophytes compared to other green plant group?

When compared to other groups of green plants, bryophytes are distinguished by the fact that 3 Which plant group constitutes the lower bryophytes? 4. Liverworts are closely related to 5. The plants that were the first to colonize land are 6. The number 7 is the sole piece of evidence that can definitively confirm bryophytes’ aquatic heritage.

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