Which Of The Following Are Transgenic Plant?

It has been claimed all over the world that the development of transgenic crops (such as cotton, rice, maize, potato, tomato, brinjal, cauliflowers, cabbage, etc.) with Bt genes has led to a significant increase in yield along with a dramatic reduction in the amount of pesticides that are used. These transgenic varieties have proven to be effective in the control of insect pests.

What are transgenic plants?

Plants that have had their DNA altered via the use of genetic engineering techniques are referred to as transgenic plants or genetically modified plants. In most situations, the goal is to introduce a new characteristic into the plant that does not exist naturally in this species. This is the case since the goal is to improve the plant.

What are the advantages of transgenic technology?

Plant breeders may employ transgenic technology to bring together in one plant valuable genes from a wide range of live sources, not simply from within the crop species or from closely related plants. This is not possible using traditional breeding methods. iii.

Which of the following are the transgenic plant?

Soybean, maize, cotton, and canola were the primary types of transgenic crops that were cultivated, with herbicide-resistant soybean being the most important crop. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has further information available on the use of transgenic crops (2011a).

What is one example of a transgenic plant?

Some Examples of Genetically Modified Plants Golden rice: Golden rice was developed to combat the widespread lack of vitamin A in youngsters and was given its name as a result. Rice species were modified by the introduction of the phytoene synthase genes by the use of gene gun techniques. This results in an increase in the amount of vitamin A found in rice grains.

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Which of the following is a transgenic plant Flavr Savr?

The Flavr Savr tomato is the genetically modified version of conventional tomatoes. It was the first food to be produced through genetic engineering that was intended for ingestion by humans. – Calgene, a company based in the state of California, was the one responsible for its creation; in 1992, they presented it to the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.

Which of the following is not a transgenic plant?

Therefore, the response that is right is ″Basmati rice.″

Which is the first transgenic plant?

The expression of antibiotic resistance was first seen in tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum) used in the production of the first transgenic plants in 1982.

What are examples of transgenic animals?

  1. Salmon is one example of a transgenic animal that was developed using CRISPR. The bigger fish that can be seen in the background is related to the younger salmon that can be seen in the front.
  2. Chicken.
  3. Goats.
  4. Cows.
  5. Pigs.
  6. Mammoths.
  7. Humans

What are transgenic plants Class 12?

Full explanation: Transgenic plants are ones that have had their DNA altered via the use of procedures derived from recombinant DNA technology. The purpose of this experiment is to provide the plant with a replacement characteristic that does not occur naturally within the species as a whole. A transgenic plant is one that has had a gene or genes put into it in an artificial manner.

Is Bt cotton transgenic plant?

As a result of the presence of one or more foreign genes that are obtained from the bacteria that lives in the soil, Bacillus thuringiensis, all Bt cotton plants are considered to be transgenic plants. Crystal insecticidal proteins, also known as Cry-proteins, are produced in the cotton plant cells as a result of the insertion of genes originating from the bacteria B. thuringiensis.

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What are three examples of transgenic organisms?

  1. There are several instances of transgenic organisms, some of which include the following: Corn that is resistant to insects
  2. Bt cotton
  3. GloFish
  4. Salmon from AquaBounty

What are transgenic organisms give any two examples?

Animals whose genes have been changed by genetic engineering are referred to as transgenic plants. Some examples of transgenic plants are the Rosie cow, transgenic mice, and others.

Is soybean a transgenic crop?

Growers in the United States have moved quickly to adopt transgenic kinds of soybeans (Table 1). The amount of land that is planted with transgenic soybeans accounts for around sixty percent of the entire amount of land that is planted with transgenic crops in the United States (Corn and cotton are the other major crops with transgenic variety plantings in the U.S.)

Which one of the following is a transgenic product?

  • The cotton known as Bt is an example of a transgenic organism.
  • Cotton grown from this genetically modified organism (GMO) is engineered to generate an insecticide effective against bollworm.
  • – In order to develop a strain of cotton that is resistant to caterpillars, the researchers introduced a gene poisonous to caterpillars from a bacteria known as Bacillus thuringiensis into the cotton plants.

Is Flavr Savr tomato transgenic?

The genetically modified tomato known as Flavr Savr (also known as CGN-89564-2; pronounced ″flavor saver″) was the first commercially cultivated genetically altered product to get a license for human consumption.

What is meant by transgenic plants?

Definition. Transgenic plants are plants that have had one or more genes from another species inserted into their genomes via the use of genetic engineering techniques. These genes come from another species.

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