So2 Pollution Affects Which Part Of The Plant?

D. Lysosomes are single-membrane structures that are connected together by a single membrane. They contain hydrolytic enzymes. Pollution caused by SO 2 has been shown to impair photosynthesis, which in turn has an effect on chloroplasts because chloroplasts are involved in photosynthesis.

What is sulfur dioxide (SO2) pollution?

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Pollution | US EPA Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Pollution The combustion of sulfur or of materials that contain sulfur produces the gas sulfur dioxide (SO 2). Sulfur dioxide, sometimes known as SO 2, is a member of a class of gases known as sulfur oxides (SO x).

How does sulfur dioxide (S02) damage plants?

In the past, the damage caused to plants by sulfur dioxide (S02) was predominantly concentrated in areas close to industrial sources of the pollutant. In areas where sources of this pollution have either shut down or built towering stacks, there has been a cessation of intense local harm and a beginning of revegetation.

What are the effects of SO2 on the environment?

It is possible for very small particles to get deep into the lungs, and if there are enough of them, they can lead to health issues. What kind of impacts do SO 2 and other sulfur oxides have on the surrounding environment? Gaseous sulfur oxides may be harmful to trees and plants at high quantities, causing damage to the leaf and stunting growth.

What is sulfur dioxide used for in plants?

The latter is utilized as a source of sulfur in order to maintain proper growth and development, but only in low dosages. Plants that have been harmed by sulfur dioxide have a foliar sulfur content that is abnormally high for a period of time. This characteristic can be diagnostically beneficial provided proper standards are available for comparison.

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