Plant Tiger Rabbit Fox Eagle What Will Happen?

The diverse components of the food chain include the plants, rabbits, foxes, tigers, and eagles. The plant itself is the producer; the rabbit is the principal consumer, followed by the tiger, the fox, and the eagle as secondary consumers. If rabbit is removed off the list, the food chain will be broken, and the energy that is produced will not be passed on to the customer.

Did an Eagle Attack a rabbit?

VIDEO shows eagle swooping down on fox after it had attacked a rabbit. There will be times when you eat the bear, times when you are eaten by the bear, and times when an eagle will attempt to devour your rabbit. An eagle can be seen in a video taken by Zachary Hartje on San Juan Island in Washington swooping down and grabbing a rabbit that is being held by a fox. Hartje took the video.

Did a bald eagle try to snatch a rabbit from a Fox?

There is a struggle between a fox and a bald eagle over the ownership of a rabbit, but the latter does not give up easy. (Winners of the Kevin Ebi and Audubon Photography Awards) Kevin Ebi was only attempting to take some photographs of young foxes ″in the height of their attractiveness, engaging in cute fox activities.″

What happened to the Fox after the Eagle defeated it?

After being vanquished, the fox then ″sheepishly″ scampered off to a den to hide. Ebi said that it looked to be in good condition. After around eight seconds, the eagle that was carrying too much weight finally let go of the fox and took off with the rabbit.

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How high did the eagle carry the Fox?

According to Hartje, the fox was lifted into the air and carried for almost 50 feet at a height of approximately 10 feet until it became detached and fell to the ground unhurt. The eagle was able to go away without taking the rabbit, but it is unknown whether or not the fox was able to retrieve its food.

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