Natural Plant Hormone Which Delays Senescence?

Cytokinin prevents plants from aging prematurely. In addition to their roles in cell proliferation and differentiation, these hormones have a role in apical dominance, axillary bud development, and leaf senescence. Cytokinin is referred to by its chemical name, zeatin purine.

Which plant hormone delays senescence and helps in cell division?

A is the name of a plant hormone that aids with cell division and also delays senescence.Auxin B Gybberellin C Abscissic acid cytokinin D Cytokinin D Medium Solution opened in the app and verified by Toppr The correct answer is option C).Cytokinins are a type of plant hormone that may have a wide variety of impacts on the plants they are found in.

  1. It involves things like postponing senescence and active cell division, among other things.

How do hormones affect senescence?

It is necessary to have a reduction in the hormones that slow down the aging process while simultaneously having an increase in the hormones that hasten it.Cytokinins are an example of one class of senescence-delaying agents.These hormones have a role in the proliferation of cells, and maintaining high levels of them can help delay the aging process.

  1. In a similar vein, reducing the amounts of cytokinins in a plant might hasten its progression toward senescence.

What promotes plant senescence?

Ethylene is another factor that might hasten the aging process in plants.This hormone is mostly found in the form of a gas, and as a consequence, it is utilized to coordinate the aging process amongst different groups of plants.The process of ripening fruit, which is a component of senescence, is a particularly advantageous application for ethylene.

  1. You may even observe it in action in the comfort of your own home’s kitchen.
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How does rhmyb108 affect senescence processes in Rose plantlets?

RhMYB108 -silenced plants had a clearly slower senescent phenotype than did the control plants (Fig. 4a); expression of RhMYB108 and RhSAG12 was much lower in the RhMYB108 -silenced plants than in the TRV control plants (Fig. 4c, d ).

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