Name A Plant In Which The Inflorescence Verticillaster Is Found?

The verticillasters of the hedge nettle are a false whorl of inflorescences that are present at the nodes (Stachys bullata).

What type of inflorescence is verticillaster?

This type of inflorescence is known as a verticillaster, and it is a condensed version of a dichasial (biparous) cyme. It consists of a cluster of sessile or sub-sessile flowers that are located in the axil of a leaf, and they create a false whorl of flowers at the node.

What are the types of inflorescence in plants?

Cyathium 5.Verticillaster Hypanthodium is number six.In this form of inflorescence, the main axis does not terminate in a flower; rather, it expands continually and generates blooms on its lateral sides in acropetal succession.This type of inflorescence is known as a racemose inflorescence.

Inflorescence: Type # 2.(i.e., the lower or outer flowers are older than the upper or inner ones).

What is centrifugal inflorescence?

Acacia, Mimosa, and Albizzia all have their flowers arranged in this distinctive manner.In these kinds of situations, the peduncle is shrunk down to the size of a round disc.It is covered in blooms that are sessile or subsessile in nature.The arrangement in which the oldest blooms develop in the center of the disc and the youngest flowers develop near the perimeter of the disc is called centrifugal.

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