How To Worship Tulsi Plant At Home?

  1. When making a basic Tulsi mandir design at home and worshipping the Holy Basil or Tulsi plant, one needs observe specific guidelines, as outlined in the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra.
  2. Make sure that the area around the Tulsi plant is kept clean and devoid of any debris.
  3. Turn on an oil lamp and place it close to the plant.

The Tulsi plant should be given water from a Kalash to drink.

How Should a Tulsi Plant Be Worshipped at Home?

  1. It is important to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment surrounding the plant.
  2. Near the tulsi plant, light a lamp that is half-filled with oil
  3. Give the plant some water while holding a Kalash in both of your hands
  4. Present the plant with a number of sacred things, including haldi, flowers, kumkum, and incense
  5. Chant shlokas while you perform a circumambulation around the plant.

How to use tulsi leaves for worship?

  1. Tulsi should never be grown inside the house (in any room), nor should it ever be planted in an unclean area of the household.
  2. It is important to note that its leaves should only be plucked in the morning, and it is claimed that the leaves of Tulsi do not go stale even after being picked many days in a row.
  3. It may be utilized in worship for several days, and the act may be repeated in order to make further offerings to the gods.

How to do Tulsi Puja at home?

Start an oil lamp burning. While you are doing so, water the Tulsi plant while holding the Kalash in both of your hands. Then, after the flowers and incense, you should provide kumkuma and haldi as an offering. During the circumambulation, recite the following shloka to yourself.

How to grow Tulsi plant at home?

According to the recommendations of vastu for growing tulsi in the house, this plant may protect against any negative energy or illness. According to the precepts of vastu shastra, the optimal location for growing a tulsi plant is one in which the plant will be able to get an adequate amount of sunshine as well as the other natural components necessary for its development and survival.

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What is the best time to worship Tulsi plant?

Many people worship the Tulsi plant twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening, with a light or candle lit in the area around the plant during each ceremony. When is it appropriate to not water the Tulsi plant?

Which Tulsi should be Worshipped?

According to Vastu Shastra, the Holy Basil plant, also known as green Tulsi, is the most prevalent type of Tulsi plant and is regarded as having favorable qualities. The Tulsi plant, native to India, comes in a number of distinct varieties. Shri-Tulsi is the name given to the kind of Tulsi that has green leaves. It is also referred to as ″lucky Tulsi,″ ″Rama-Tulsi,″ and ″bright Tulsi.″

How do you worship Tulasi?

Start an oil lamp burning. While you are doing so, water the Tulsi plant while holding the Kalash in both of your hands. Then, after the flowers and incense, you should provide kumkuma and haldi as an offering. During the circumambulation, recite the following shloka to yourself.

Which day should Tulsi be planted at home?

Thursday is the most fortunate day of the week to grow tulsi in one’s house. Tulsi should be planted during the Kartik maas (Hindu calendar month), which normally falls in the months of October and November each year. This time period is regarded as having highly favorable conditions.

How do Tulasi puja daily?

Answer ( 1 )

  1. Kindle an oil light in close proximity to the Tulsi plant
  2. While holding the Kalash in both hands, provide the plant some water.
  3. After that, make an offering of sacred objects, such as flowers, haldi, and kumkum
  4. While you are walking around the temple, recite the shloka.
  5. Maintain a clutter-free and clean space in the vicinity of the Tulsi plant.
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Why Tulsi plant dies suddenly?

  1. The plant does particularly well in sandy soil, but during the winter, when temperatures drop, it wilts and dies wherever it is planted, regardless of whether it is in the ground or in a container.
  2. Approximately one and a half years is Tulsi’s expected lifespan.
  3. This sun-loving perennial plant requires between 6 and 8 hours of exposure to the sun each day in order to thrive, thus the summer is the ideal time to cultivate it.

Why Tulsi is not offered to Lakshmi?

Please bear in mind that you should not provide Tulsi as an offering to Goddess Laxmi while you are worshiping her. It is commonly said that Goddess Lakshmi dislikes Tulsi, despite the fact that Lord Vishnu holds Tulsi in high regard. This is due to the fact that Tulsi is Shaligram, the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and that he married her.

Can we keep Tulsi plant in pooja room?

Because of its association with Vishnu, Tulsi is considered to be the holiest and most sacred plant in all of Hinduism. The plant, which is also known as the Tulasi, is thought to be the physical manifestation of the goddess Tulsi, who was a fervent devotee of Lord Krishna. Tulsi is also known as the Tulasi.

Why is Tulsi not plucked on Sunday?

There is no justifiable excuse for skipping watering the tulsi plant on the weekend. Tulsi is a plant in its own right, just like any other. However, extreme caution is required to ensure that just the appropriate amount of water is provided to it. Because Tulsi is considered sacred, it is always given water, regardless of whether or not it actually requires it.

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Can we do Tulsi Pooja on Sunday?

Did you know that it is considered unlucky to water a Tulsi plant on Sundays or on the day that is dedicated to fasting, Ekadashi? Pandit Prashant Mishra, an authority in astrology and vastu architecture, has confirmed that the tulsi plant is revered across Hinduism as the holiest of all plants.

Where should Tulsi plant be placed?

  1. In this video, Acharya Indu Prakash discusses the locations that are thought to be fortunate in order to care for a Tulsi plant.
  2. In the home, the basil plant should be positioned in the north, north-east, or east direction, as recommended by the ancient Indian practice of Vastu Shastra.
  3. This helps to eliminate any bad energy that may be present in the home while simultaneously generating positive energy.

When should we do Tulsi Puja?

Kartika Shukla Dwadashi, also known as Utthana Dwadashi or Ksheerabdhi Dwadashi, is the primary day on which Tulasi Kaya ( ) is observed. This is the 12th day of the waxing moon phase that occurs during the Kartik month. Amla, which represents the god Vishnu, is worshipped in this form.

Can we offer Tulsi to Lord Krishna?

On the day of Janmashtami, it is prohibited for anybody to remove the leaves off the Tulsi plant. The Tulsi that is harvested from the plant on the day before Janmashtami must, nevertheless, be presented as an offering to Lord Krishna.

Is Tulsi Krishna’s wife?

Importance of the Tulsi Vivah Symbol Interestingly, the marriage of Tulsi and the Shaligram, also known as the Shri Krishna form of Lord Vishnu, is what the Tulsi Vivah festival commemorates. As a result, followers execute the marriage ritual on this day and recreate the wedding of the two deities by dressing them as a bride and a groom respectively in order to portray the event.

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