How To Plant A Mango Tree?

  1. Prepare the planting hole by digging it. Dig a hole in the site of your chosen plot that is two to four times the size of the rootball of using a shovel
  2. You should plant the tree. Take the young tree out of its container, or plant the seed you’ve been saving in the hole.
  3. Give the tree some fertilizer. Before beginning to fertilize the tree, you should wait until you notice some growth coming from the tree
  4. Give your mango tree some water. Although mango trees do not require an excessive amount of water, the first week’s irrigation should be somewhat more thorough than usual
  5. Keep weeds at bay. If you don’t keep up with the maintenance of the area around your mango trees, weeds can quickly become a significant obstacle

How to grow mango trees from seed?

Take out the seed from the center, and then plant it in some seed starting mix in a huge container. The ideal method for developing mango trees is to plant the seed so that it will germinate with a quarter of an inch or 0.6 centimeters of it emerging above the surface of the soil.

What kind of soil do mango trees need?

Because of this, the soil in which you plant the mango tree should have excellent drainage, should be relatively light, and should be biologically enriching. Only then will the tree be able to develop normally. In order to maintain equity, the pH values found within the soils need to be only slightly acidic.

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