How To Make Plant In Little Alchemy 2?

In ″Little Alchemy 2,″ the only way to create a Plant is to combine different elements that, in some way, are analogous to plants that exist in the actual world.For instance, you may combine the concept of Small with the plant-related noun Tree, or the concept of Big with the noun Grass.However, in order to go along any of these three paths, you will first need to obtain certain Plant and idea-based items later on in the game.


  1. Tree and miniature
  2. Hydration and planting
  3. Soil + seed
  4. Land and plants
  5. Terrain plus grain
  6. Grass + large
  7. Algae + land
  8. Earth + algae

How do you make a tree and plant in Little Alchemy 2?


  1. plant + big.
  2. plant + wood.
  3. nest + container.
  4. plant + time.

How do you make plant and grass in Little Alchemy 2?

The Little Alchemy 2 Method for Growing Grass

  1. Earth + Plant = Grass.
  2. Plant + Land = Grass.

How do u make a plant in Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy 1

  1. Water + Air → Rain.
  2. Earth + Rain → Plant.

How do you make basic things in Little Alchemy 2?

A Comprehensive List of Items That Can Be Crafted in Little Alchemy 2 (A-H)

  1. Rain plus smoke, smog, illness, or urban pollution is acid rain
  2. A bird plus some kind of metal or machine equals an airplane
  3. Alchemist = Human + Gold
  4. Alcohol is equal to Time plus Juice
  5. Algae = Plant + Water
  6. Life plus a galaxy cluster, the solar system, or mercury is the definition of an alien.
  7. Allergies are equal parts human and dust

How do you make evil in Little Alchemy 2?

Bringing Out the Worst in People in Little Alchemy 2

  1. Evil + Angel = Demon
  2. Box + Evil = Pandora’s Box
  3. Diety + Evil = Demon
  4. Evil Plus Heaven Equals Hell
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How do you make bamboo in Little Alchemy 2?

Guide on the cultivation of bamboo in Alchemy Classic

  1. Air and fire together make lightning
  2. When earth meets water, you get swamp
  3. Bamboo is derived from earth and grass

How do you make immortality in little alchemy?

Little Alchemy 2

  1. Warrior + Immortality.
  2. Hero + Immortality.

How do you make Yoda on little alchemy?

Little Alchemy walkthrough for the character Yoda

  1. Air + fire Equals energy
  2. The combination of soil and water produces mud
  3. Combining air and moisture results in rain
  4. Lava may be calculated by adding earth to fire.
  5. Plants are the result of earth and precipitation.
  6. Air + lava = stone
  7. Fire + stone = metal
  8. Metal + stone = blade

How do you make immortality in Little Alchemy 2?

The Philosopher’s Stone is an alchemical stone that, if obtained, has the potential to bestow upon the player the gift of immortality. As such, it is an essential component in the answer to the problem of how to make immortality in Little Alchemy 2. The Stone of Philosophers

  1. Immortality combined with rock
  2. Immortality combined with Stone
  3. Immortality in combination with Alchemist

How do you make God on little alchemy?

How to Construct a God with Relatively Simple Alchemy

  1. Combine the water and the soil. You’ll make muck
  2. Combine air + air. You’ll generate pressure
  3. Combine the elements of earth and pressure. You’ll make stone
  4. Mix sand and mud together. Clay will be created by you
  5. Put some life into the clay. You’ll bring humans into existence
  6. Create a god by fusing human nature with immortality, and there you have it.
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How do you make dark in little alchemy?


  1. sky + night.
  2. sky + twilight.

How do you make holy water in little alchemy?


  1. Water + Good.
  2. Water + Heaven.

How do you make a turtle in little alchemy?


  1. sand + egg.
  2. beach + animal.
  3. egg + beach.

How do you make ninja star in Little Alchemy 2?


  1. Blade + star
  2. Sword + star
  3. Metal + star
  4. Steel + star
  5. Blade + ninja

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