How To Grow Touch Me Not Plant?

During the springtime, touch-me-nots that have been purchased in nursery pots are ready to be planted.Favor shade or at least some partial shade To increase the number of flowers produced, combine your existing soil with a flower plant soil mix and apply copious amounts of water.You may begin planting touch-me-nots that you have acquired as seeds in the plot as early as the month of April.

What is a touch me not plant?

This is the plant’s defense mechanism, and it uses it to keep itself safe. The interesting touch-me-not plant features a lilac bloom on top of its dark green foliage. The leaves of this plant are also dark green. In some areas it is considered a weed, while in others it is purposefully cultivated.

How do you propagate a touch me not Mimosa pudica?

The touch-me-not plant is a fairly simple one to grow, and it may be grown from cuttings or seeds. Before you start planting your mimosa pudica, whether from seed or a plant, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind that are crucial and required.

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