How To Care Money Plant?

Proper watering is one of the most important aspects of caring for a money plant successfully. They enjoy water, but can’t survive in consistently damp soil for too long. Overwatering a plant on a regular basis will lead to root rot, which will eventually result in the plant’s death. Check on them once every week or two to determine the level of moisture in the soil.

How to grow money plant in water?

Many people find it easier to cultivate money plants in only a bottle of water and then place the bottle near a window, where it may then climb up the window in an attractive manner. In such a scenario, the directions for caring for the money plant would be different. To ensure healthy development, at least one of the nodes should be kept below the surface of the water.

Is money plant high maintenance?

One example of such a low-maintenance plant is the ″money plant,″ also known by its scientific name, Epipremnum Aureum.The money plant is a low-maintenance and fuss-free plant, both in terms of its need for sunshine and its need for water; nevertheless, this does not mean that it does not require any care at all.A money plant that is healthy and thriving can be maintained with only the most basic of maintenance instructions.

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