How Many Oxygen Plant In Kerala?

According to Dr. R. Venugopal, who serves as the nodal officer for Kerala, there are now 19 oxygen filling facilities in the state. Collectively, these oxygen filling plants have 3,814 medical oxygen cylinders in their possession.

What is Kerala’s oxygen production capacity?

According to information that may be obtained from the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO), the state of Kerala produces 199 metric tonnes per day of oxygen (MTPD). The demand for non-covid care in the state is around 45 MTPD, whereas the demand for covid care is approximately 35 MTPD. The entire production capacity of the state is 204 metric tons per day (MTPD).

What is the capacity of medical oxygen production in India?

According to Venugopal, the entire oxygen filling capacity in the state is 90.6 tonnes, while the total production capacity of liquid medical oxygen in manufacturing facilities and storages is 155.5 tonnes per day.

Why did kerala send oxygen tankers to Goa and Karnataka?

In the last week, the state of Kerala has dispatched medical oxygen tankers to the neighboring states of Goa, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu in order to satisfy the demands of their hospitals, which are becoming overcrowded with patients suffering from COVID-19.During the last week, we delivered 19 metric tonnes of medical oxygen to hospitals in Goa, 72 metric tonnes to hospitals in Tamil Nadu, and 36 metric tonnes to hospitals in Karnataka.

Why is Kerala the only state with surplus oxygen stock?

The only state that currently has a surplus oxygen stock is Kerala, and one of the reasons for this could be that the state has been able to accurately calculate the oxygen requirement of each patient and ensure optimal supply, whereas this process has not been very rigorous in other states. Currently, Kerala is the only state that has a surplus oxygen stock.

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