A Plant Whose Gametophytic Generation Is Predominant Is?

Therefore, the gametophyte stage is the most important one in the life cycle of lower plants (bryophytes), but the sporophyte stage is the most important one in the life cycle of higher plants (vascular plants).

What is meant by gametophyte generation?

The gametophytes The gametophyte generation is the other alternate phase that occurs in the life cycle of the plant. This is the phase in which gametes are generated. During this stage of the plant’s life cycle, the gametes, also known as the egg and sperm that are produced, are haploid (n), meaning that they have just one complete set of chromosomes.

Are seed plant gametophytes independent organisms?

The gametophytes of seed plants are not autonomous creatures; rather, they are dependent on the dominant sporophyte tissue for the provision of nutrition and water. If the gametophyte tissue is severed from the sporophyte tissue, it will not be able to survive on its own. The only exception to this rule is ripe pollen.

What is the dominant photosynthetic phase of gametophyte?

Mitosis Following the completion of meiosis in the zygote, haploid spores will be produced. The gametophyte is formed when the haploid spores split during the process of mitosis. In plants like these, the free-living gametophyte is the phase that does the majority of the photosynthetic work.

How does the male gametophyte develop in a plant?

Within the anther, the male gametophyte will grow via either one or two rounds of the mitotic process. After dehiscence has taken place, the product of this process is a male gametophyte that may have two or three cells and is referred to as the pollen grain.

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Which plants are gametophyte dominant?

Mosses, liverworts, and hornworts are all examples of nonvascular plant life. They are the only plants known to have a life cycle in which the formation of gametophytes plays a predominate role.

Which of the following have a dominant gametophytic generation?

The gametophyte is the predominate generation in e) Mosses, as the answer and explanation both state.

In which plants is the haploid gametophyte generation dominant?

Because the haploid gametophyte is what we consider to be the primary plant in bryophytes (which include mosses and liverworts), the dominant generation in bryophytes is haploid.

Which of the following plants has a dominant gametophyte stage?

The correct response is ″moss″ (option 3). Bryophyta is the name of the group that includes mosses. There is a dominant gametophyte stage seen in all bryophytes, during which structures

What is gametophytic generation?

In plants, the gametophyte generation is one that begins with a spore that is haploid. This is the generation that produces gametes (n). In order to generate a gametophyte, the spore must first go through a number of mitotic divisions. A gametophyte is a kind of haploid, multicellular plant that is called a gametophyte. Therefore, there would be just one pair of chromosomes present in it.

What is dominant gametophyte?

In bryophytes, the gametophyte stage of development predominates over all others. Antheridia and archegonia are the structures that are produced by the gametophyte, and they are responsible for producing male and female gametes, respectively. Gametangia is the collective name for all of these different structures.

Is gametophytic generation dominant in pteridophytes?

The gametophyte generation is the dominant one in pteridophytes, while the sporophyte generation is the dependent generation.

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Why gametophyte generation is dominant in bryophytes?

Because they lack tracheids, bryophytes are classified as nonvascular organisms; instead, water and nutrients are transported through the plant using specialized conducting cells. All of the vegetative organs in a bryophyte belong to the gametophyte, which is the dominant and most common form; the sporophyte only appears for a brief period of time.

Is the gametophyte generation dominant in ferns?

It’s interesting to note that the gametophyte and sporophyte are almost on par in terms of their dominance in the fern life cycle. In contrast, the gametophyte is prevalent in the more evolutionarily primitive bryophytes, which include mosses, liverworts, and hornworts, but the sporophyte is dominant in the more evolutionarily evolved seed plants.

Are angiosperms gametophyte or sporophyte dominant?

An example of the life cycle of an angiosperm, which in this case is a pea plant (genus Pisum). However, multicellular male and female gametophytes are generated within the flowers of the sporophyte. Although the sporophyte is the dominant generation, the gametophytes are produced within the flowers.

Are gymnosperms gametophyte or sporophyte dominant?

In gymnosperms, the sporophyte generation predominates throughout the life cycle. On the sporophyte parent plant, the gametophytes and the future sporophytes that will be produced by the following generation develop.

Which generation is dominant in bryophytes?

In bryophytes, which include liverworts and mosses, the gametophyte is the major life phase. In angiosperms and gymnosperms, on the other hand, the sporophyte is the primary life phase.

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