NEPAD Agency’s Head of Regional Office Paid a Courtesy Call on the Minister of Integration, NEPAD, and Francophonie in Senegal

NEPAD Agency’s Head of West Africa Regional Office, Dr Jeremy Ouedraogo, paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Integration, NEPAD, and Francophonie, on 27th April, 2018, in Dakar, Senegal.
H.E. Mbagnick Ndiaye, Minister of Integration, NEPAD, and Francophonie of Senegal, welcomed Dr Ouedraogo, and expressed his satisfaction with such a visit that will strengthen the collaboration between his Department and the NEPAD Agency’s regional office in Dakar.

The Minister, on right, and the Head of NEPAD West Africa Regional Office, during the courtesy call

The Head of the Regional Office presented to the Minister the two major programmes of the office in Dakar; the Biosafety Programme led by the African Biosafety Network of Experts (ABNE) and the Great Green Wall Programme. He highlighted that on request of 20 African countries ABNE provided them with technical support to implement functional regulatory systems that would enable a safe use of new emerging technologies for local development. Other countries such as The Gambia, Madagascar, and Rwanda have showed interest in such support. Similarly the Great Green Wall is being implemented in Sahelian countries to combat desertification and improve African countries’ resilience vis-à-vis the effects of climate change.
The regional office also relay information on all NEPAD Agency’s programmes for more visibility of the activities on the ground. In that regard, the regional office is planning to organize a sensitization workshop for the diplomatic bodies and international organizations present in Dakar.
The Minister recalled that the Great Green Wall was the idea of a native of Senegal, the former President Abdoulaye Wade but to date people need to understand how the idea had evolved and what the achievements of this initiative n are so far. He also praised the biosafety programme that allows safe deployment of scientific research for the development of African countries.
H.E. reaffirmed his availability to provide the necessary political support to the Regional Office to improve NEPAD’s visibility in the country. He also announced that he will be visiting NEPAD Agency’s Regional Office in Dakar soon to meet staff and reinforce the links between his Department and the regional office.