Regulatory status

  • Malawi signed the Cartagena Protocol in May 2000 and ratified it in February 2009.
  • A biosafety act was adopted since 2002.
  • Biosafety (Management of Genetically Modified Organisms) Regulation gazetted in 2007
  • A national Focal Point was established in December 2011.
  • In 2013, a National Competent Authority was established and all the necessary regulations and guidelines were put in place.

R&D status

  • Cowpea: CFT of Bt cowpea approved in 2015
    CFT of Bt cowpea planted in 2016
  • GM banana: CFT of GM banana approved in 2015
    Materials for GM banana testing imported in 2016 and would be planted anytime soon
  • Cotton: Application submitted in 2014 for general release of Bt cotton