Regulatory status

  • Biosafety act passed in 2011
  • Revised regulations to fully implement the biosafety Act has been drafted and awaiting passage by parliament. In the intereme, the Biosafety authority has adopted guideline pursuant to the provisions of the Biosafety act to permit activities regulated under the Act.
  • In 2015 the final administrative component of Ghana’s biosafety regulatory system was completed with the inauguration of the Board of the National Biosafety Authority (NBA), the appointment of a Chief Executive Office of the NBA, the completion of an office complex to house the administrative staff of the NBA,
  • An appeals tribunal has been established
  • There is considerable political will with Government pledging budgetary support to the operationalization of the NBA

R&D status

  • Cotton: CFT for Herbicide tolerant cotton
  • CFT for Herbicide tolerant cotton x Bt cotton (Stacked traits)

  • Rice: CFT for Nitrogen-use efficiency (NUE) rice
    CFT for Nitrogen-use efficiency, Water use efficiency and salt tolerant rice (NEWEST) triple stack
  • Cowpea: Multi locational CFT for Bt (Maruca resistant) cowpea